Aloe Park

Aloe Park Tenerife shows you the plantation of the aloe vera, which is known worldwide for its efficacy and countless applications in cosmetic and pharmacology. You see the whole process of manufacturing the products of this plant.

On the way of the plantation, with guided tours, you can see the banana cultivation in all facets. Also you see a large variety of fruit trees: oranges, avocados, papayas, guavas, among other. They also have a large collection of cactus and native plants.

They have a museum with tools and various utensils typical of life in the countryside, gofio (roasted corn) mill, a mock of the south of Tenerife, a lake decorated with the Canary Islands and you enjoy the traditional animals as the camel, donkey, goat, sheeps, fowls, ducks,…

In the bazaar of Aloe Park Tenerife, you can taste the banana liqueur and buy a nice typical canary souvenir. They also offer you a special gift for visiting them.

Opening Hours:
Dayly. From 10:00h to 16:30 h.

Park Location.
Aloe Park is located approximately 5km from Los Cristianos up towards Buzanada . Ctra . Guaza -Valle San Lorenzo .Camino Bananera, 16. 38626 Arona

Children Age:
From 6 a 11 años

Guided tour in your own language (spanish, english, french, dutch)
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