The “Fiesta de los Finados” is our own canarian traditional celebration the night before All Saint´s Day ( the 31st October) that cannot be compared with the popular Halloween.

On this day the youngest in the family should catch a bag and visit house to house  asking for “saints” ( referring to dried fruits). ). In the evening the family would come together, eat roasted chestnuts, sweets called "huesos de santo" ("Bones of The Saints"), drink anise and honey rum and share anectdotes about dead members of the family.

There is just a few days for celebrate the tradition of the “Finaos” which is a word from the Canary Island´s dialect, makes reference to the deceased,in many parts of the archipelago from October 31 to November 2, largely unknown to the new generations.

The tradition involves going out to the main square in the towns from all over the seven islands and get a paper cone of roasted chestnuts. It is celebrated on the 1st of November: during this day we also take the opportunity to go to the cemeteries and remember the deceased members of our families.

In the olden days the day of the deceased was to be spent with family. Children went from house to house asking for "santos" ("saints", referring to dried fruits).

The eve of the day of the deceased the older women of each family remembered the dead . These women  told anecdotes of the previous deceased while sharing a tea with walnut, chestnuts and almonds. 

Friends, family and neighbours gathered in the square to remember the dead performing the "dance of the deceased" , with a group of people singing and playing instruments for example : guitars and "timples".

Unfortunately this tradition is being lost in many places of the islands due to the British influence in the celebration of Halloween (a Celtic custom that was popularized in the US by the Irish in the second half of the nineteenth century and it began to be celebrated massively in 1921, when the first Halloween parade was held in Minnesota and that over the years has already spread to the rest of the planet).


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