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It is hard not to find any wine from the Canary islands at the best restaurants of the world. El Malvasía Palmera, Tánaga, Lanzaroteña de Matías i Torres or El Grifo are some of them.

Canarian wines have always had a great reputation and notoriety in history. For centuries they were exported to all of Europe and mainly to England. Nobles, kings and writers of the time enjoyed them. Even William Shakespeare himself quoted it in his works, calling this “select broth Sack” or “Canary Wine”.

Currently the prestige of this product of international fame is increasing and is due to the quality and differences it has with the rest of the others wines.

But what are the keys that make this happen? Several sommeliers point out what its secrets are. One is the geographical situation of the islands, which are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, its volcanic soil full of nutrients and being hit by the wet trade winds that make that the environment and temperatures are optimal. Also its isolation is the key, since it has allowed the vineyard wasn’t affected by pests which made the vines to get very old.

It should also be noted that another fact who made possible the growth of the popularity of Canarian wine is the good work of the wineries. Every day,  new and trained people are joining the wine industry, who  together with experience and tradition, is giving rise to wines with different and diverse flavors.

For all these reasons we would like to invite you to come and have a look to this world by joining one of our excursions. We will show you the work and secrets of two large wineries of the island, such as Bodegas Monje and Bodegas Lomo. You will taste and enjoy the Canarian cuisine and visit the city of La Laguna, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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