Masca, an ancient Pirate´s village with a fantastic view over La Gomera, allowed them to control the maritime traffic between the islands.

Masca is a small village that is located in the Teno Rural Park, it is famous for its incredible views between ravines, vertiginous cliffs and endless road curves. In the village begins a famous trekking among hikers and nature lovers leading to the beach and runs along the inside of the ravine that bears his name. With our experience we explain all the options to enjoy Masca, either by bus ,trekking, jeep or simply by boat.

Option No.1 : Excursion Teide - Icod - Garachico - Masca. Every day except Fridays and Sundays. Besides knowing the hamlet of Masca and surroundings he will give us a view of the entire Teno Rural Park . It is done in small, guided buses, everything explained in your language.

Other trip which also visit Masca is Wind Cave tour - Masca - Icod, descending in a volcanic tube maze of over 17 miles, not for claustrophobic. This tour is only on Wednesday, in one day you can take home a complete view of the island.

Option No. 2 : Jeep Teide-Masca, these Jeep tours are up to 8 people and a guide. We will take you into the National Park of Teide and Masca, different stops will be made during the trip.

Option No. 3 : This trekking route, with difficulty medium-high of about 4 hours, has been designed for those who are experienced athletes or adventurers. The trail begins in the village of Masca and ends at the beach, you have to go down the ravine of Masca, so good walking conditions is a MUST, but do not worry about walking all the way up to the beginning , a boat will take us back to the port  of Los Gigantes. Is performed on Tuesdays and Fridays. It Includes: Transfers from your hotel, material, boat transfer to Los Gigantes, snack + water and guide.

Option No. 4 : If you are even more adventurous and you want to do the Masca trip on our own, yo must find the way to get to Masca and descent the ravine. The easiest way would be to leave a vehicle at the port of Los Gigantes and take a taxi to Masca, then descend the path takes about 4 hours and then return to Los Gigantes by boat from Masca beach  to pick up the car. But taxis are not so cheap, so it might not be as profitable as it may seem.

In this way we want to give you all our information and our little tricks of how to enjoy one of the best preserved landscapes of the Canary Islands.

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