Definitely, Canarian people life in a natural Paradise. One of their wonders, from my point of view, are the microclimates. Tenerife has more tan 200 microclimates at the same time.


Usually in the North Airport, we can heard the people complaining about the bad weather conditions even thinking that there was a mistake and they are not in Canary Island.They do not know that at the same time , people who has landed in the South airport is having a perfect sunny day.

Playa Las Americas

It can happen that in one place of Tenerif is raining, in another one is so windy, in other is a sunny day whereas in Teide you can find snow at the peak. All those difference temperaturas just in Tenerife, the same day in less tan 15 kilometres distance.

El Medano

I would like to recommend you to do two of our excursions to check it at first hand:

Teide—Icod-Garachico-Masca and Island Tour.


In Island Tour we will leave from “Los Cristianos” where the weather is so nice , then we will pass trought “Los Gigantes” which is the hottest point of the island  and we will go direction to the north where the temperatura drops noticeably. The next stop will be “Garachico” where easily we can feel de cold while we enjoy with their amazing views of the natural swimming pools and their volcanic landscape.Once we arrive in “Icod de los Vinos”, we can get warm with a delicious wine or we can stare at “The Drago Milenario” instead. We will stop in Puerto de la cruz to have lunch, which is a very nice place, full of beautiful gardens and streets. There, we will probably have a cloudy day because of “la Panza de Burro”.That is the name to speak about the big cloud, the faithful company of El Puerto.


To end the trip, we will go to “Candelaria” where you can visit The Basilica or the characteristics Guanches. In Candelaria the temperature will be better, probably sunny and more warm when we start being close to the south is going to be as the begining of the excursion.

 The other excursion to see the microclimates is Teide-Icod-Garachico-Masca. First we will go to “El Teide”, there we will feel the cold so quickly because there are some degrees less.It is also easy to feel the difference regarding the altitude. The next stop is going to be “Icod de los vinos” where we stop for lunch.It is a must to visit the “Drago Milenario” and the wine tasting. Later on, we will go to “Garachico”, a fishing small village with agreat cultural interest, an incredible architectal heritage and an amazing volcanic landscape.To finish the excursion, we will go to “Masca”.It is a place worthy of admiration and according to me, one of the best places of Tenerif. In Masca, we can find deep ravines and cliffs that ends in the Atlantic ocean between the vegetation and the curved roads. It has a reputation for being a hiding place for pirates.


The Hamlet of Masca preserves the best samples of rural architecture of  the whole island.


Taking this opportunity, I really would like to recommend the excursion to do the “Masca Cliff”.It is arounf 3-4 hours of guided route direction to the beach of Masca and honestly it is really worth doing it.

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