The “Fiesta de los Finados” is our own canarian traditional celebration the night before All Saint´s Day ( the 31st October) that cannot be compared with the popular Halloween.

On this day the youngest in the family should catch a bag and visit house to house  asking for “saints” ( referring to dried fruits). ). In the evening the family would come together, eat roasted chestnuts, sweets called "huesos de santo" ("Bones of The Saints"), drink anise and honey rum and share anectdotes about dead members of the family.


Many cultural activities and celebrations are arranged for the Day of the Canary Islands each year. Many schools hold extra classes about the Canary Islands' history and culture and organize parties for their students in the days and weeks before the Day of the Canary Islands. This is also shown in the cuisine with typical ingredients where "papas con mojo" is the star dish, we will show you how to do it!